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I got this from a friend and wanted to post it in case anyone is interested. Contact Dave McDonald at

Hi Linda,

The local Waldorf School has, as part of their curriculum for 9th grade,
a requirement that they be exposed to blacksmithing / metalworking.
They approached me about teaching but my schedule would not allow for it.
They are seeking someone who could, for about 6 weeks,(1-2 x a week for a couple hours) guide about 17 kids to make a simple object (poker, trivet, leaf hook) teacher's choice.
Would you have any interest or know of somebody in the Bealer group who would? Corrina used to do it but she moved her studio too far for them to haul the kids. They would prefer it be done onsite. They would pay about $40 - $50 per hour (I seem to recall).

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