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#1   2011-07-29 20:58          
I just got an email from Centaur Forge today. They are having a sale on shears, belts and grinders for those that are interested and flush with cash. I'm lusting after a set of Beverly shears. Centaur is a bit pricey, does anyone know a cheaper source? I've been really good and should deserve a new tool, don't you think? Here's the link.


John Stine

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#2   2011-08-03 18:10          
I purchased the 'knock-off' throatless shear from Harbor Freight. It was $130 at the 25% off sale on
4 July 11. It, I believe is comparable to a Beverly B2. I am not an expert on shears but this one will easily cut whatever guage steel they make 55 gal. drums. I mounted a piece of angle iron on the base and clamp it in the vise for a stand.
They sell replacement blades as well.
For hobby blacksmith work, I cannot complain.
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