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I'm looking for tips/recommendations for finding someone to do waterjet cutting for someone. I have a coworker looking to have a simple shape cut out of metal (they had wanted it forged at first). They are looking for a short run of 10-20 copies. With possible future runs. They are interested in it made from brass and/or steel (a mixture) and it will be incorporated into something they sell at craft shows. Here's my questions:
1) what would be an expected setup charge (in general)? And normal costs. (the object is roughly a 10"x2" ring shaped thing about 1/4" wide out of ~ 1/8" metal.
2) what waterjet cutters has anyone had experience with? who is good for small runs? etc.

All pointers welcomed!
Thanks in advance.
Jim Guy

Sean OShea

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What the file/image is designed in is key. The image should be in a vector format, if possible, that will save on conversion/artwork fees. AutoCAD DWG/DXF seems to be the standard, with polylines as the preferred method of rendering the image. The pattern software for waterjet cutters has evolved over the years, so that will take care of the cut layout of multiples of the same image on the material.

It sounds like this is potentially a two piece/two material item. If these are to fit together, the image becomes more complicated as it is two separate cuts and the kerf from the waterjet has to be taken into account for each piece.

Note that inside corners are limited to the kerf diameter (typically .035 to 0.060 inches) - they will not be perfectly sharp corners. Outside corners can be with some outside material sacrifice.

Typically I see a staged quote for a part cut like this. I would expect 20 square inches on 1/8" metal at the 10 to 20 copy range to output for about $7 to $15 each not including material.

I have used PerfectEdge in Doraville in the past - they have gotten bigger over the years and typically run a backlog of about 2 to 3 weeks. But you can give them a call, e-mail them the artwork and specs and they will give you a quote - they have a 'quote' page on their website.

Perfect Edge -
4264 Winters Chapel Road Doraville, GA 30360
(770) 458-7005


dan tull

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Dynamic Edge in Newnan. Used them lots . Inexpensive as our tolerenses are Large compaired to their usual+/- .005" John is owner. Price is based on linear inch and thickness. Capacity- 8" thick steel.
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