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#1   2012-07-21 15:08          
I hope everyone enjoyed the demonstration of making a colonial candlestick. Here's the notes for the Colonial Candlestick class (Doug Head, Alabama Forge Council sponsored class) that John Stine and I attended:(click here)

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Jim Guy


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Thank you again for your outstanding demonstration. The extra effort you put into preparing for it is much appreciated. Sorry I was not able to stay for all of the second half
Cal Kohler

John Stine

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#3   2012-07-25 03:05          
Not only is Jim a very good blacksmith but a courageous one to demonstrate for us in the hottest time of the year.
Thanks to Jim for agreeing to be drafted into demonstrating Saturday!

John Myers

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#4   2012-07-25 16:32          
JIM It was a great demo and though I did not stay for the afternoon session there was a LOT to see in the AM. Thank you.

We have a wide variety of skill level and the demos from some lower level might be past the needs of the upper skill level people, BUT, I am just middling and I keep being reminded of things that I know, BUT DO NOT PRACTICE even on demos of the basics. THEN, when someone like Jim demos,I pick up on a LOT of stuff.

There is a saying I like. "You can see a lot by observing."(Yogi Berra) I am trying to increase my ability to observe.

Looking forward to the August meeting. JUAN
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