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#1   2013-08-05 15:16          
I'm looking for a stainless steel slack tub for my shop. My little galvanized tub rusted through (it's the second one to do that on me!)

An old beer kegs like they have at the folkschool would do. Where could I find?

I guess, considering what I make and the small size of my shop, something that's 3'x 2' and 3' deep would fit just perfectly at the end of my forge, but I'd rather find something used (and cheap!).

Thanks in advance!
Jim Guy

John Myers

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#2   2013-08-08 14:05          
Jim The used restuarant equipment people have a lot of stainless sinks. Restaurants go out of business on a regular basis and if you could spot an auction that might do as well.


P.S. If the size is wrong you can take your oxy-acetylene torch and cut it down to size.

Added 1 minute later:

JIM P.P.S. If you find a stash of those sainless beer kegs let us know where, but let me know first


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#3   2013-08-12 12:47          
And if they are not empty, I'm sure I can arrange to make them so!
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