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#1   2015-04-19 09:51          
I am ordering the Popular Woodworking blacksmith books and videos for the library.

I also got a call that Books A Million, at Discover Mills, has the Lorelei Sims book "The Backyard Blacksmith" for under $20.00. If you have the chance get by and get it.
It is an excellent book and well worth the price. I ordered it years ago and paid a whole lot more for it.

I also got a book donated yesterday, Thank You Bill W.

Anybody else running across Blacksmith Books or Videos let me know. The Library can use them.
Torch Mullins


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#2   2015-04-21 09:19          
I have a copy of The Backyard Blacksmith that was given to me for Father's Day not too long ago. It is a great book with lots of detail and projects to practice on.
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#3   2015-04-22 17:50          
I'd be interested in reading this book if it was in the library.

Added 24 minutes later:

I'd still also like to get a copy of anvils in america in the library.

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