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#1   2015-04-22 18:17          
Just throwing it out there again. I won't be at the conference, anyone that can write some kind of report and take some photos for the newsletter would be great. Write ups on demos would be great as well! I still need a good photo for the cover of the next issue as well.

Added 27 days later:

If anyone has anything from Madison that they would like to submit, please do so asap. If I get enough content, I may make a special issue just on the conference. If I only get a little bit, I will add it to the June issue (which will be out by the June meeting) so please get it to me no later than a week before the June meeting (though earlier is preferred).

You can submit articles on demonstrators, articles on the conference in general (your experience, what you thought of it, what you did there, what you saw there, what you learned there, who you met there, etc.), short blurbs about anything conference related, reviews (of products you saw there, books you bought there, etc.), write ups on any classes you might have taken, photos you took at the conference. Anything you want to submit, big or small, long or short, I'll take it!


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#2   2015-05-21 04:49          
I had a wonderful time at the conference. A BIG thank you to everyone who helped pull it off. We had close to a full house with mostly new people at the green coal stations all weekend. Thank You to all the Smiths that shared their knowledge.
Cal Kohler

Torch Mullins

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#3   2015-05-22 04:42          
We instructed 40 individuals in Green Coal.
I think Cal got 10 hours in the fire.

I even convinced the Ladies from Westville to join in and take some training.
I really think everyone left their session with a couple of items and a huge Grin on there face.

I really appreciate all that helped out with green coal.
Give yourself a round of applause.
Torch Mullins


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#4   2015-05-25 16:48          
Agree--you guys did a phenomenal job with green coal. There were so many eager young faces there. I took a lot of pictures and I will attempt to put some sort of article together. All in all, a great conference.



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#5   2015-05-30 03:25          
I spent my time in front of Peter Ross. I'm arranging the photo's to accompany my notes into a demo-by-demo basis (even then the pics are big, I've whittled down the ones for the compass demo down to "only" 220 pics!) But I've got a ways to go.

Jim Guy
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