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Downloadable poppy template:


How to make the poppy videos:

 The original idea was that blacksmiths around the world would make just the petal part of the project and then send that on to Terry Clark in the UK where another team would make and attach the stamens.  However, there will be a need for some poppies to remain in the US to be used to help raise funds to get our Master, Jeffrey Funk and perhaps some other over to the event in Sept.  So if you'd like to try your hand at the stamen/stems have a go.  Please ship the stamens and poppy petals unattached, it is much easier to pack them not put together.  They can be welded together once they reach their destination.

The Stamen/Stem is made starting with 5/8 rd (16mm) and the stem is hammered down to (7mm)

The poppy seed heads I have made are 20mm long overall. Before the end (top hat) was forged I think that the overall measurement was 23mm.
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