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Over on the ABBA Facebook page. It has been announced that Red Top Mountain is planning a blacksmith meeting on February 20th at 9 am to talk about what everyone wants. All are welcome. All skill levels welcome. The plan is to also be clean and redesign the existing shop during the meeting.

This is is the same day as the ABBA meeting. If anyone is going, coverage of what happens at this meeting (pictures and an article) would make a nice submission to the Hammer's Arc newsletter and an entry to win a pair of tongs.

Things gs to note:
how many attended
what was discussed about future meetings
what was discussed about a 'guild' forming
what are the plans for the shop
what other activities took place

I'm hoping that someone going can inform the rest of us as to what transpires at this meeting.

Added 3 days later:

I may actually go to the red top meeting instead. Which ever one I do not attended I would appreciate it if someone did a write up on it. It's a good opportunity to win those tongs.

Added 10 days later:

I will be at the Red Top Meeting, so if anyone wants to cover the Feb ABBA meeting, its a good opportunity for you to submit to the newsletter.

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