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#1   2016-08-25 14:30          
the History Channel on Tuesday evenings (at least with Directv) has new episodes of Forged in Fire. Following that is a new reality show - Milwaukee Blacksmith (I think it is Milwaukee!?). The latter is a bit crudely done, not very appealing to my taste. In fact I don't see why the patriarch cannot take his stupid hat off when assembling for supper...
Anyway, check it out, especially the Forged in Fire series.



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#2   2016-08-26 07:29          
Forged in Fire is pretty good, but the Milwaukee Blacksmith is a bit lame. The first show was basically fabricating a big round sphere to make a Death Star fire pit. The sons don't give each other or the patriarch the respect that they should. If you acted like that in a real job, you'd be out on your ear in no time.
Cal Kohler
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