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#1   2016-10-09 08:31          
I will not be at the October meeting. Will someone please take pictures and notes for the newsletter?
"Get 'em while they're hot!"

dan tull

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#2   2016-10-11 21:26          
Who is TBD ???And what is he/she going to demo?

John Myers

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#3   2016-10-18 21:39          
Dan. I think TBD is a WW2 flying boat that was much used in the Pacific Theater. It demonstrated that if you were in one and met a Jap Zero you life expectancy was much reduced. I hear that you were at the meeting Saturday last. It is about time. There ought to be some sort of requirement for attendance to stays member. You could follow my example.

Anyhow some newbie named Davenhall demonstrated I hear. I hope you weren't asleep in a chair and missed the demo. Warmest regards. John.


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#4   2016-10-23 22:16          
Hi John,

Good to hear from you, we miss you! Come back soon.

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