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Mike LaMarre

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#1   2016-11-08 06:09          
Hello Out There...can Anyone hear me??? Echo...Echo...Echo... Who? What? Where? When is the next meeting???? Is anybody out there???? Can we get some information posted? Mike LaMarre


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The Novmeber meeting was going to be at Red Top Mountain but due to the fire ban we're stuck having the meeting at Cal's place. Orginally we were going to have a couple of fires and an forging activity or two. I only have a small gas forge and a small rivet forge. If some one would like to demo something that will be great. Otherwise I'll try to show a few things that Clay Spencer touched on at Folk School last week. We will be having pizza for dinner..

Most GPS systems will find us with no problem.

30 Carriage Gate Dr
Sharpsburg Ga 30277

Added 9 days later:

park on the grass or any where else you can find. :) :)

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