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What is a green coal class?

Dietrich Hoecht

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Well, the possibilities are endless. Green coal is what you look up as a greenhorn and need classes, or may be glasses. Then, there is coal out of Greenland. Actually, I only know they get coal out of Svalbard, which is North of Iceland. Now, if you have a coal seam exposed to the atmosphere, there may be some mosses attached. Nice green. Actually, there is brown coal or also called lignite. The developmental intermediate between bog and anthracite.

I am truly green to this subject and don't know about green coal classes either. Sorry for making fun about it, but this just asks for some nonsense feedback.



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The term 'Green Coal' comes from the color of the smoke that comes from the coal when you first start the forge. Before the flames actually get going the coal puts out a dense greenish smoke. In this casa it refers to students that have little or no experience with blacksmithing and thus are green. Of course there is no slight intended because we were all green at this at one time.

Added 1 minute later:

We will have a number of forges going. Each will be staffed by volunteers that will give lessons to the public. Each lesson is about an hour.
Cal Kohler
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