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Dan Morgan (the firefighter who was bringing his son, Jarrett, to our meetings) is selling the blacksmithing tools. His son has 'too many irons in the fire' and has gotten out of blacksmithing. He wants to sell them for basically what they put into them. (may be a good opportunity for a beginner!)

Items for sale are:
Brake drum forge
mandrel (home-built one made of an axle. It is not a cone but has about 4 'steps' on it from about 3.5 inches down to about 1 inch.)
various hammers, clamps, tongs
other stuff (gloves, aprons, mask shields, etc)

Please contact Dan directly at

It's sold!

Dan said that he ran into a farrier in his area who has two kids interested in blacksmithing. We may be getting a new member out of this!


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