Gas Forge Workshop - at August Meeting - Fee Deadline is July 16th
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Submitted by: AdminAlex   Date: 2010-06-21 03:36

Build your own Gas Forge Workshop is this SATURDAY - AUGUST 21st, 2010

Participants - don't forget to bring gloves, eye and ear protection.

Participant in the workshop will have a single-burner propane gas forge similar to the one in our loaner tool kit. This includes the burner, regulator and hoses (everything but the propane tank)

Registration is closed!! -

Participant Count is


Sean O'Shea
Chris Schleier
Steven Bailey
Drew Cash
Rick Fullaway
Richard Heying
Craig Belnap
Al Jackson
Doug Kirk
Houston White
Daniel "Timber" Arrugueta
K. Lynn Berry

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1.   Posted by Sean OShea   2010-06-21 03:41    

I'm in.
Sean O'Shea

2.   Posted by Steven   2010-06-25 12:09    

Might be there; I'm not shure.

3.   Posted by Drew Cash   2010-06-26 16:00    

sign me up for the gas forge workshop

4.   Posted by Richard Heying   2010-06-27 11:18    

I'd like to sign up.

5.   Posted by craig   2010-06-29 12:13    

Sign me up.
Craig Belnap

6.   Posted by rakessler   2010-07-05 03:44    

As some of u know I HAD, thats right Had a broken neck. My range of motion is limited. So my
activities are limited. Came I come and just hang back out of the way and watch. Would sure be
educational. Maybe I could video the event??????????????

7.   Posted by Al Jackson   2010-07-08 10:21    

sign me up for the forge work shop. Al Jackson

8.   Posted by Armorman   2010-07-17 06:23    

OK, I want in too! I have the cash. I also have a forge cylinder and burner tube.
Houston White

9.   Posted by klynnberry   2010-08-02 15:54    

I see I missed the deadline, but if it's not too late, I'd love to join you.
K. Lynn Berry

10.   Posted by Rudy Mendes   2010-08-06 18:03    

Can you squeeze one more person in the workshop? I'll send in the $200.00 this week. Thanks Rudy Mendes

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