Notes on tuning your forge performance
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Submitted by: Sean OShea   Date: 2010-08-23 19:04
Thanks to everyone who participated and assisted with our very successful gas forge workshop. We managed to produce 12 complete forges in about 8 hours.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on Larry Zoeller's website regarding forge operation and burner tuning. Below an excerpt - and a link to the full page:

Q. How do I tune a Side Arm Burner? A. To tune a Side Arm Burner you will need to remove it from the forge and work with it open air. I like to tune them when it is dark, because it is easier to see the flame and different colors. The first thing you need to do is adjust the position of the Tweco tip inside of the reducing tee while the burner is lit, slowly move it back and forth until you achieved an smooth and even flame. You will also hear the sound of the burner change as you move it also. The other thing you need to do is tune the burner flare, moving it slowly back and forth to achieve the best stable flame that will not flame out and will run at a pressure range of 3 to 35 psi. You will probably end up with a nozzle exposure of somewhere between 1-1/4" and 1-1/2". If you have trouble getting you burner to run right, some of the problems that I have seen are the hole that was drilled in the pipe plug was drilled off center or crooked causing the gas jet not to be in the center of the burner tube. I have also seen metal shaving and Teflon tape inside of the contact tip, this will cause a very erratic flame. Below is a picture of what your flame should look like when you are finished tuning it.

Q. What is the normal operating pressure of the side arm burners? A. The normal operating pressure of a 3/4" side arm burner using a .035 contact for general forge work is 7 to 8 psi. This is not set in stone this gives you a good starting point when setting your pressure, a lot depends on your forge size and design.


Thanks everyone!
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