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June meeting will be at be at Cal Kohler's forge.
Cal will demonstrate making a Miner's Candle Stick also known as the Tommy Sticker.

30 Carrage Gate Dr
Sharpsburg, GA 30277


We're actually a lot closer to Tyrone than Sharpsburg but that's in a different county.

Parking will be most anywhere you can find a spot, including on the grass.

I-85 south toward Columbus / Montgomery
Exit 56 at Collinsworth Rd
Left on Collinsworth. Only a short distance over the interstate.
Right on Cannongate Rd, the first road after the interstate.
Left on Palmetto-Tyrone Rd, turn at the 4-way stop.
Right on Minix
1st Left on Carrage Gate Look for the flag on the mail box

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