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HARD LABOR CREEK STATE PARK - All Day and Night Saturday October 16th

October Meeting - Fri + Saturday 10/16/2010 + Sun (Regular Meeting is from 9:30 am to noon

Camping Weekend

Forge Item: Leaves, Acorns, or Leaf Bowl

Demonstrator is Buster Grubbs of Shady Rest Forge,one of the 12 founders of OBG.
Rendezvourer, shooter, and accomplished Smith/teacher. Been smithing 20 years.

We will have forges for hammering and we are wrangling/arm-twisting for demo's - come on by and relax for an all day hammer-in!

Alex Bealer has a picnic shelter for our meeting at Hard Labor Creek State Park on Saturday the 16th. It is located pretty much in the middle of everything, across from the park office and on the same road as the campground. There is a large parking lot in the "general area", and the entrance to our campground is to the left.

Camping Weekend
Forge Item: Leaves, Acorns, or Leaf Bowl

Hard Labor Creek State Park
5 Hard Labor Creek Road
Rutledge , GA 30663

Located 2 miles north of Rutledge. Take I-20 exit #105 into Rutledge and proceed 3 miles on Fairplay Road.

Hard Labor Creek State Park Website Link <== CLICK HERE

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