To address coronavirus/COVID-19 containment efforts, the board and officers of ABBA had a conversation regarding the risks to both members and their families if we proceeded with the meeting as scheduled.

The March 2020 meeting has been cancelled to support coronavirus/COVID-91 containment efforts. Please use this as a personal forge day to practice or learn something new that you can share with the group at our next meeting.
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2020 Schedule
2020 Schedule
Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
All visitors are welcome to attend.

These locations can change during the year so please
review this listing and the EVENTS/CALENDAR prior to each meeting date.
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January 18 Goat and Hammer Forge - Mark Hopper Mark Hopper & Crew Some kind of Fire Tool
February 15 Tom Davenhall's Forge TBD heart element or theme
March CANCELLED TBD Rush light
May CANCELLED See Y'All in June TBD
June 20 Sean O'Shea's shop TBD Hooks or Racks
July 18 Red Top Mountain State Park Open Forge Hinge
July July 30 - Aug 1 AACB Conference Murphysboro TN Various
August 15 Lou Musgrove TBD Blacksmith Tool
September 19 Steve Fowler Steve Fowler Rush Light
October 17 Tom Sheets Tom Sheets Dinner Bell
November 21 Red Top Mountain Open Forge Bottle Opener
December 19 John Zieglers TBD Christmas Ornament
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