2017 Schedule - These locations can change during the year
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2017 Schedule
Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
All visitors are welcome to attend.

These locations can change during the year so please
review this listing and the EVENTS/CALENDAR prior to each meeting date.
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Month Day Location Demonstrator Forge Items
January 21 Goat and Hammer Forge - Mark Hopper Mark Hopper & Crew Letter opener or Book Ends/File divider
February 18 Tom Davenhall's Forge TBD something heart related
March 18 Industrious Designs TBD Bottle Opener
April 15 Jim Guy's Forge Wayne Coe candle stick/holder
May 18-21 Madison SBA Conference Green Coal Green Coal Classes
June 17 Cal's Sharpsburg Forge Cal Boot Scraper
July 15 Wayne Martens Phil Laudenslager Anything with a blade or edge
August 19 Doug Kennedy's TBD Gate or box Hinge
September 16 Kyle Livingston in Duck Town Paul Brach Hand Held Garden Trowel/Dibble/Hoe
October 21 Ken's Elevator Shop Jim Guy Witch, Wizard or Dragon
November 18 Red Top Mountain State Park Open Forge Jigs, Show and Tell
December 16 John Zieglers Buster Grubbs Christmas Ornament
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