Handy Layout/Reference for drill bits and taps
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Author: Tom Davenhall
Submitted by: Sean OShea   Date: 2009-04-20 20:41
Pattern used to lay out a board - 3/4" pine, to hold taps and drills near drill press. Drive hole slightly larger than tap on drill trough board & then screw another board 1/8" or sheet metal on back to keep drills and taps from falling through when you pick the board up.

Assembly - First sprayed board flat white & then laid out using as a guide with a coat of clear lacquer or poly or whatever over so it remains readable after soot falls on it.

This sure makes reaching the right drill and tap a lot easier.

or just use it as a reference if you don't need a stand - maybe it will save some time.

-created by Tom Davenhall - October 2007

Tags: Drill,  Layout,  Tap
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