Building a Super Sucker Side Draft Forge Hood
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Author: Jim Guy
Submitted by: jguy   Date: 2010-01-01 11:44
If you’ve been to my shop, you probably remember my forge was equipped with an 8” chimney a Centaur Forge half-hood. This setup worked fine most of the time, but it did produce a bit of smoke at times and the shop did develop a fine covering of soot in places. Now I have a strait 10” chimney and in place of the hood is a strange box that looks too small to do anything, but works like magic! This is a “super sucker” style forge hood based on plans posted on anvilfire (see For their article).

My goal was to build something to dramatically improve the air quality in my shop. But because I don’t have access to sheet metal equipment it needed to be something simple to construct. The super sucker satisfied both goals. This article presents details of that construction so that you may build your own. To read the full article, follow this link: Building a super sucker side-draft chimney
1.   Posted by John Stine   2010-01-07 08:23    

Great contribution!
Thanks so much for posting this! I printed it out and plan to have one myself by Spring.

2.   Posted by Torch Mullins   2012-03-13 21:47    

Has anyone built one of these since Jim posted it?
My forge is portable, and I pull it in and out of the garage.
My driveway is on an angle.
I thought I might be able to level it and put an 8 foot piece of pipe, hooking it onto the guttering.
I was just wondering about weights.

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