Bring your touchmark to Madison to mark Tom's memorial nail
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Author: Ben Bradshaw
Submitted by: Sean OShea   Date: 2009-05-11 15:56
Dear Friends of Tom Clark,

As anyone who knew Tom Clark would know, Tom used the forging of a nail as the root of his blacksmith teaching. If you ever watched Tom demonstrate he most often started his demonstration by forging a nail. Tom had made several large nails throughout his career.

With that in mind four Georgia Blacksmiths, Ben Bradshaw, Michael Dillon, Kris Graper and Mark Hopper, have collaborated together on a memorial project for Tom Clark. We have FORGED A 7 FOOT TALL NAIL in Tom’s memory and we want you to have an opportunity to participate.

Madison will be the start, the nail will travel around to various conferences around the country for the next year.

Please bring your touch mark and you can mark the side of the “BIG NAIL” with it.

We will see you in Madison!

Also while in Madison, please go by the Madison Morgan County Cultural Center and see the Floyd Daniels memorial hand railing. This was a collaborative project by blacksmiths and friends of Mr. Floyd’s.
Update: Here is the Nail at Madison...
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