SBA Flower Project & Call for Artist
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Submitted by: Sean OShea   Date: 2011-02-13 02:51
SBA Flower Project & Call for Artist

1. SBA ring project - Family flower petal.
2. Call for artist - North Springs Charter School - Sandy Springs

SBA Ring Project:
The "SBA FLOWER PROJECT" is to be assembled at the cenference by a distinguished group of blacksmiths.

The project calls for an artistic flower petal from each of the seven blacksmith groups that makeup the Southern Blacksmith Association. Use 16 gauge sheet metal for the petal and it is preferred that you use techniques such as repousse', chisel work, etching, etc. for forming your artwork which should include your organization name or logo. Orientation on the petal is up to the artist since the flower is designed to be rotated by admirers to view each petal.

If you feel the need to add decorative pieces to the petal please use traditional joinery techniques for the application and limit the depth to 1/2". Don't go, outside of the edge of the petal. Please don't fold, spindle or mutilate the petal since it has to fit into the overall design. The template shows the areas that cannot have artwork in the area reserved for joining to, the flower. Please include touch marks for the persons creating the art since it will add SIGNIFICANT value to, the finished work.

PDF's for flower project - full size template will be available at the February meeting. Links to files below (CLICK ON FILE NAME TO DOWNLOAD):

My name is Ashley Sweat and I teach at North Springs Charter High School (a magnet school for the arts) in Fulton County. We are starting a ten-year project to create and install five sculptures around our campus. We are looking to hire a sculptor to mentor and lead a collaborative project with our students. Please see the attached "call for artist" flyer for further details. Please post and/or forward the flyer to any artists, members, or additional organizations who might be interested.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Ashley D. Sweat
Visual & Performing Arts Department
North Springs Charter High School

PDF OF Call for artist announcement: call_for_artist_nschs_0.pdf
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