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Submitted by: AdminAlex   Date: 2009-07-11 06:05
We’ve all seen the plastic containers that somehow makes it to our
meetings. Most of us have even spent some time digging through
them looking for something interesting. But with a lot of good books
checked out, what’s really in there? Well, most of our library consists
of books. But we also have a number of interesting videos and quite a
collection of newsletters from other guilds. Specific titles are:

An "-X-" indicates that the title was located in the library in the last inventory (a few years ago - so it's status may change once we have updated the inventory)

B01A--New Edge of the Anvil by Jack Andrews
B02-X-The Smithy's Craft & Tools by Otto Schmirler
B03--Blacksmith's Craft by Rural Development Commission
B04-X-Wrought Ironwork by Rural Development Commission
B05--Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated by Lillico
B06-X-1912 Forge Work by William L. Ilgen
B07-X-Pounding Out the Profits by Douglas Freund
B08-X-Practical Blacksmithing
B09-X-Professional Smithing by Donald Streeter
B10-X-Blacksmith's Cookbook
B11 -X-Modern Welding by Althouse, et. al
B12-X-Modern Metalworking by John Walker
B13-X-Metalwork. Technology and Practice by Victor Repp
B14-X-Tool Making for Woodworkers by Ray Larsen
B15-X-The Modern Blacksmith by Weyger
B16-X-The Art of Blacksmithing by Alex Bealer
B17-X-Elementary Forge Practice by Jack Lord Bacon
B18-X-Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork by Dona Z. Meilach
B19-X-Build a Power Hacksaw with Vise by Vincent Gingery
B20-X-The Book of Instruction. Andersonville Smithy by Reakirt
B21--Colonial Wrought Iron. The Sorber Collection by Plummer
B22-X-Samuel Yellin: Metalworker by Andrews
B23-X-How to build a Full Size Forge
B24--Hooks, Rings & Other Things by Barnes
B25-X-The Early Ironwork of Charleston by Alston Dens
B26-X-How to Forge Weld on a Blacksmith's Anvil by Heath
B27-X-Practical Projects for the Blacksmith by Ted Tucker
B28--Modern Blacksmith
B29--Book of Instruction
B30--Metallurgy Fundamentals by Daniel A Brondt
B31--Tribute to Frances Whitaker
B32--The Contemporary Blacksmith
B33-X-Irony (Starting with issue #7, Nov. 2000)
B34-X-Appalachian Area Newsletters (1981/1984)
B35-X-Appalachian Area Newsletters (1985/1986)
B36-X-Appalachian Area Newsletters (1987/1988)
B37-X-Appalachian Area Newsletters (1989/1990)
B38-X-Appalachian Area Newsletters (1991/1992)
B39-X-Appalachian Area Newsletters (1993/ - )
B40-X-The Upsetter Fire's Edge
B41-X-The Newsletter of the Gulf Breeze/The Blacksmith Guild of the Potomac
B42-X-California ABlacksmith
B43-X-The Anvil's Chorus North (West New Jersey)/Ohio Blacksmiths
B44-X-Phillip Simmons, The Rivet/Eisen Schmiedem/ Salt Fork Craftsmen
B45-X-WRABA News/ The UMBA Journal/ Fire's Edge
B46-X-Pattern Book for the Artist Blacksmith by May Metzger

B48-X-The Hot Iron Sparkle (North Carolina Chapter)
B49-X-The Iron Trillian (Ontario Artist Blacksmiths)
B50-X-The Anvil's Horn (Arizona Blacksmith Assoc.)
B51-X-Book of ABANA Chapter Newsletters
B52-X-Book of ABANA Chapter Newsletters
B53-X-Book of ABANA Chapter Newsletters
B54-X-Book of ABANA Chapter Newsletters
B55-X-Book of ABANA Chapter Newsletters
B56-X-Book of ABANA Chapter Newsletters
B57-X-"BAM" Newsletter of the Blacksmith's Association of Missouri
B58--The Top of the Anvil/ The Bellows Blast/Bellows and Paririe Blacksmith
B59-X-Bituminous Bits, Journal of the Alabama Forge Council
B60-X-The Florida Clinker Breaker
B61-X-Engineering Materials, Properties and Selection by Kenneth G. Budinski

B81-X-The Best of the Hammer Vol 1
B82-X-The Best of the Hammer Vol 2
B83-X-The Hammer. #21, January-March 1982 by Brian D. Flax ed
B84-X-The Hammer. #22, April-June 1982 by Brian D. Flax ed
B85-X-The Hammer. #23, July-September 1982 by Brian D. Flax ed
B86-X-The Hammer. #25
B87-X-Sears Fall Catalogue -1900 (Reprint)
B88-X-The Industrial Revolution. 1760-1830 by T.S. Ashton
B89-X-The Astragal Press. Winter 1998 Catalog
B90--The Chronicle BVol 12-26
B91-X-Cabinetmaking and Millwork by John Feirer
B92-X-Advanced Woodwork and Furniture Making by John Feirer, Gilbert Hutchings
B93-X-Foxfire. Fall 1977
--The Traditional Metalsmith
B94-X-Historic Louisiana Nails. Aids to the Dating of Old Buildings by Jay Edwards, Tom Wells
B95-X-Farm Tools & Techniques. A Pictorial History by Jonathan Brown
B96-X-The Anvil Chorus is Ringing Load & Clear Again by Tom Alexander
B97-X-Advanced Woodwork and Furniture Making by John Feirer, Gilbert Hutchings
B98-X-Tool Steel and Specialty Alloy Selector by Crucible
B99-X-2003+C58 Farrier Supplies and Services by American Farriers Journal
B100-X-Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study by Steve Midgett
B101-X-Antique Iron: Survey of American and English Forms by Herbert, Peter and Nancy Schiffer
B102-X-Fireplace Accessories by Dona Z. Meilach
B103-X-Animals 1419 Copyright-Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects, etc. by Jim Harter ed.
B104-X-Art Forms in the Plant World by Karl Blossfeldt
B105-X-Natural Art Forms by Karl Blossfeldt
B106-X-The Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden by Otto Schmirler
B107-X-Fur Den Kunstschmied by Otto Schmirler
B108-X-The Artist Blacksmith by Peter Parkinson
B109-X-$50 Knife Shop by Wayne Goddard
B110-X-Hossfeld Bender Model 1 by Hossfeld Corp
B111-X-Hossfeld Bender Model 2 by Hossfeld Corp
B112-X-Grover Steam Locomotives by Hillman, Glover, Glover
B113-X-$50 Knife Shop by Wayne Goddard
B114-X-Guilde to Hand Tools by Hand tools Institute
B115-X-Made in Illinois: An Artisan Gallery by Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs
B116-X-Georgia Non-Profit Law Seminar: Program Materials (April 23, 2004) by Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia
B117-X-Mousehole Forge by Richard Postman

NL42--Newsletter of California Blacksmiths
NL44--Newsletter of the Phillip Simmons Blacksmith Build of N.C.
NL47-X-BAM (Newsletter of the Blacksmiths of Missouri)
NL49--The Iron Trilliam (Newsletter of the Ontario Artist Blacksmiths' Association)
NL50--The Anvil's Horn (Arizona Blacksmith Association)
NL-X-Hot Iron News (Voice of the Northwest Blacksmith Association)
NL100-X-The Anvil's Ring Spring 1983 (Volume 11, Number 1) by ABANA

V01-X-Video: Forged in Wood
V02-X-Video: Bob's Master 1994 Quad State
V03-X-Video: George Dixon Pt 1 of 2. 1993 Quad State Roundup
V04-X-Video: George Dixon Pt 2 of 2. 1993 Quad State Roundup
V05--Video: Damascus Pt 1 of 3. 1993 Quad State Roundup
V06-X-Video: Damascus Pt 2 of 3. 1993 Quad State Roundup
V07-X-Video: 1993 Quad State Roundup
V08-X-Video: 1992 Quad State Roundup
V09-X-Video: 1991 Quad State Roundup
V10-X-Video: 1992 Quad State Roundup
V11-X-Video: 1993 Quad State Roundup
V12--Video: 1994 Quad State Roundup
V13-X-Video: John C Campbell Folk School Video
V14-X-Video: Broom making for the Blacksmith by Jeff Mohr
V15-X-Video: Working Metal by Michel Dillon
V16-X-Video: Power Hammer Forging with Clifton Ralph Vol 1
V17-X-Video: Power Hammer Forging with Clifton Ralph Vol 2
V18-X-Video: Power Hammer Forging with Clifton Ralph Vol 3
V19-X-Video: Power Hammer Forging with Clifton Ralph Vol 4
V20-X-Video: Power Hammer Forging with Clifton Ralph Vol 5

D01-X-DVD: Peter Ross (JK1, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc.)
D02-X-DVD: Power Hammer Rebuild (Fred Craylor: Little Giant hammers) (RD7, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc.)
D03-X-DVD: 1993 Madness: George Dixon (RD14, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc.)
D04-X-DVD: 1995 Bemidji (RD19, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc.)
D05-X-DVD: Uri Hoffi 5 Day Workshop (part 1 of 3) (RD32, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc.)
D06-X-DVD: Uri Hoffi 5 Day Workshop (part 2 of 3) (RD37, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc.)
D07-X-DVD: Uri Hoffi 5 Day Workshop (part 3 of 3) (RD38, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc.)
D08-X-CD: History of Blacksmith Association of West Australia (CD of pictures)
D09-X-CD: Craft pictures Association of West Australia (CD of pictures)

TBD--The Traditional Metalsmith by George Dixon
TBD--The Contemporary Blacksmith by Dona Z. Meilach
TBD-X-Blacksmith - 99 School
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