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Submitted by: AdminAlex   Date: 2013-12-11 12:24
Don Neuenschwander died this morning from a massive heart attack. He started blacksmithing when he retired in 1993 after some 50 years in the dental laboratory business. Since then, he had taken many classes at the Folk School and other schools, and subsequently taught at the Folk School and other schools. He worked mainly in copper - hammering, bending, and having fun. He will be missed.

Clay Spencer will be attending Don's funeral - due to these travel constraints - Clay will not be able to demonstrate at the December Meeting.
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1.   Posted by lindahr   2013-12-12 15:52    

Sorry to hear this. I took a copper course many years ago at the Folk School and Don was in my class. He was a friendly, helpful guy and I'm sure he will be very much missed.


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