Scholarship report on Tools and Jigs class at John C Campbell
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Author: Jim Guy
Submitted by: jguy   Date: 2009-12-24 01:20
One of the things that I love about blacksmithing are all the tools! You can forge one of just about anything with a minimal set of tools, but if a project requires two or more identical parts, appropriate tooling can be quite a time saver (just try to make three scrolls alike for your next trivet!).

Just what a tool lover wants!

In late October, 2007 I was able to immerse myself in tools in Lou Mueller's “Tools and Jigs” class at John C Campbell. To top it all off, I was attending on scholarship from Alex Bealer! For my scholarship report, follow this link: Tools and Jigs Scholarship report

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1.   Posted by Sean OShea   2009-12-24 02:39    

Most excellent article - Thanks Jim!!!!!!

2.   Posted by jguy   2009-12-29 15:13    

You are welcome! I learned a lot at this class!

3.   Posted by John Myers   2010-01-15 14:21    

Jim: What about the availability of 1040 steel? Where is it available locally and is it available in a variety of sizes? I know that it is not a "Tool Steel" and that machine shops use it where strength is required, so maybe it is fairly available. I have used a modified 1045 steel and it has been great to water quench and I have not felt the necessity to temper after doing so. It gets pretty hard. My problem is that I have it in just the one size, and the size I have is pretty big. I have done a lot of sawing as a result.

4.   Posted by jguy   2010-01-31 04:55    

I think most steel yards have it. Metal Supermarkets has it under cold-rolled steel. (see their web site)

5.   Posted by Steven   2011-06-11 17:59    


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