September Meeting is today - Saturday 9/18 - TAILGATE SALE
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Submitted by: AdminAlex   Date: 2010-09-14 16:55
September Meeting is today - Saturday 9/18!!!

9:30 am at Phoenix Metalworks - Corrina Sephora Mensoff's forge

Demonstration will be a 2 hour short course on 'Drawing for Blacksmiths - with a pen instead of an anvil' by Brian Stelfreeze.

Also - this will be a TAILGATE SALE EVENT - Corrina is thinning her shop tools and other members are welcome to bring their own wares to tailgate (you just have to clean up after yourself).

Details/Directions on the calendar located HERE <== Click to link to event details

people can park in front (other side of the lot facing falling down brick building is best) of the studio, but not past the building by the big PORCH...
Also parking is available along foster st.

No lunch at this event - but I highly recommend Taqueria Del Sol just around the corner.
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